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Invest With Flipping Cars


It's exciting times at Flipping Cars. Last year we sold £7,000,000 worth of cars, compared to the year before where we sold £4.8 million worth of cars. That's phenomenal growth. We expect to sell over £10 million this year and aim to reach £20 million the following year.

So, we often get asked to flip cars for people, but that's too time-consuming for us to continue. So instead we are offering you an opportunity to invest in a business with Flipping Cars that will buy stock and sell it on. You will own a percentage of that business and receive a share in any profits. There are plans to then offer a facility out to other car dealers via this platform to do the same.

The business has SEIS / EIS advance assurance and the first £150k of investment will be attributed to the SEIS element, so be quick. The business you will be involved with is called Car Dealer Manager Limited. I am the current sole shareholder and you will become part of a group of investors in that business and share in its success and benefit from the SEIS / EIS enterprise investment scheme as well as any profits the business makes. 20 percent of the business is currently available to purchase. SEEDLEGAL Documentation, Pitch Deck & Investment Pack will be sent to qualified investors.

The first round of funding is now live and if you have available capital to invest right now then please express your interest below. The minimum investment is £5000 and the maximum investment £1 million. We need to see proof of funds available.

You should have available funds to invest immediately. You should also be aware that investing in startups involves risk, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution. Our seed raise will use SeedLegal documentation.

Investor Enquiry Form.


Investor Enquiry Form
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