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A Simple, Low Risk Way, To Buy A Car From Auction

Save Money, Time, Hassle & Buy UK wide with the minimum of stress. I provide you with the support you will need to buy successfully from auction.
Car Auction Buying Service. A straight forward Car Auction Buying Service helping you to save money on your next car purchase. Buy your car at trade prices, reduce the risk, hassle & stress associated with buying from auction & save even more money on auction fees.

The Benefits Of Buying From Auction With Flipping Cars

The obvious benefit is that you can buy a car at trade price. Using my service means you can also access trade prices on all other fees too.

Real Benefits

  • Saves You Money. Buy At Dealer Prices
  • Only Traders Can Buy Online. Now You Can
  • Access to CAP & Glass's Guide Valuations
  • Independent , Expert Advice
  • Pre & (More Importantly) After Sales Support
  • Significantly Lowers your Risk
  • Option to Fund your car with MotoNovo Finance

Real Savings

  • Save Thousands Off Your Next Car
  • Up to 50% OFF Auction Buyer Fees
  • NO V5 Fee
  • Reduced Assurance Fee
  • Cheaper Delivery Costs
  • Trade Priced Warranty Wise Warranties
  • Free Aftersales Support
I hold a PLATINUM Card with British Car Auctions (BCA) & I am a registered National Buyer / Trader with Manheim so get much cheaper fees than a private buyer. In-fact the savings on fee's alone will cover the cost of my service to you meaning you save more on time, travelling, delivery as well as being able to buy UK wide and you get a car at trade price too!

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What People Are Saying About This Service ...

I buy a lot of cars for people. You are welcome to chat with them too, just ask me! I can help you save money just like I did for them.

Hi Chris,

The car arrived yesterday about 5:30 and everything looks good.  The bodywork actually looks better than anticipated for grade 3 –  I guess they grade tough.  The interior needs a good cleaning but anyway it was definitely the right car at the right price. The car is all taxed and insured and I had it out on the road for a quick test – again no issues seen. I got both key fobs and the plastic pattern key so again better than expected.

Anyway all is well.  You really have made this easy and I want to thank you for the terrific service.  I can’t think of a better way to buy a used car.  I never had to go anywhere so the time-saving alone was worth your fee. I think I would always buy my cars this way.

Best regards, David

How It Works

Its so easy you'll buy all your cars this way in the future.
  • I charge a one off small fee. You save more on the auction house buying fee alone. It allows you to bid on as many cars as necessary for one purchase. This means that if we are unsuccessful the first time then its not going to cost you anymore to keep trying until you are successful. I email you a simple agreement that we both sign (all done online).
  • You simply choose the cars you want to bid on. I provide valuations for you so you know what that car is likely to cost you. I bid on your behalf and when we win I issue you an invoice from Flipping Cars Ltd and send a copy of the auction house invoice (they match exactly). You transfer the payment to me and I revert it instantly to the auction house. This helps to protect you as because the car is bought in my trade name, if you were to pay direct, there would be no way you could talk or bring any issues up with the auction house. My business is FCA regulated, VAT reg'd & backed with testimonials. I will help you get it delivered for as cheap as possible using my trade contacts. I'll also keep the car insured until its in your possession.

Step 1

Browse the auctions and find a choice of cars you are interested in. Contact me, I'll email you my bidding agreement for you to sign. You pay my fee & we start making a list for cars to bid on. I can also source direct from the trade so that's another option we can explore.

Step 2

I'll advise you on the likely cost and provide CAP valuations for you. I'll review all information on the car such as mechanical reports and condition reports and advise you. You give me the go ahead by setting a maximum bid

Step 3

I bid on your car selections until you win. When successful, the auction house invoices me & I in turn invoice you. You pay me & I pay the auction house.  Take delivery and rejoice in the fact you've just bought a car at trade price! Sweet.

Buying for a Business or for Export?

Thats no problem. If you want your car or van for your business I can issue you a VAT receipt so that you can reclaim the VAT on any VAT Qualifying or Commercial vehicles you buy.

I can also deliver to the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland from £295 + VAT and to many locations around the world too, just ask me for a quote.

I even buy for people overseas who are planning to come to the UK and who want to buy a car for when they are over here. I can even help resell the car when you want to leave.

Put Your Purchase on Finance... NEW!

I can now offer you the opportunity to put your new purchase on Finance too with Moto Novo Finance. You can choose to keep your cash in your bank and pay just a deposit or a percentage of the car and finance the rest. Just ask me.

Browse Online

You can now even browse cars online through Flipping Cars and see an auction guide and anticipated fees (approx fees). This is the only site that offers this facility.

If you sign up to the members area for £22.95 I can offer you more information. Please note this is a monthly recurring fee & you should cancel when finished using it.


A Couple of Examples

I buy cars for customers every week. I save them money, Let me save you money too!
In this short video I buy 2 cars for customers of my Car Auction Buying Service. One I source from a Car Auction and the other from another trader. Both cars were bought at a considerable discount. I can even add on a warranty at trade cost to ensure you have a good quality car and peace of mind. If you are interested in this service then please make contact with me below. I spend a lot of money each month making sure I can provide an exceptional service through many trader only tools. I make these available to you through this service. I look forward to speaking with you. ITS WORTH SUBSCRIBING TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE

More Happy Customers

This is me, delivering cars, to my Happy Customers. I don't run a faceless business, it's me who does the buying and it's me who provides all the support. I'm passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and I'd love you to become my next success story.

Check Me Out Online

I run a very open business. I know sending me your hard earned money may be a concern to you. That's why I am very open. I have a lot of long-running social media accounts you are welcome to check out. I have also gone to the expense of becoming FCA regulated to make sure your money is safe (view my status here). On top of that, I was on an ITV prime-time TV show called Deals, Wheels and Steals showcasing my business and I am more than happy for you to speak with my past customers should you wish. Ask yourself this... Is anyone else offering all this assurance to you? I guess not.


Watch one of my many videos on YouTube & why not Subscribe to my YouTube channel after all its free.


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Flipping Cars Ltd is proud to be an FCA Regulated Business.

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Q: Where can I see the auction cars that are For Sale
A: You can view most of the cars available from BCA here. You should consider subscribing to my website for more accurate guide pricing. It costs £22.95 per month but I will credit that against your account if you end up buying a car with me. If you are looking to buy from Manheim then send me the reg's and I will reply with guide prices.
Q: Do I pay you or the auction house for the car?
A: By Law, I have to prevent money laundering & look after your, mine and my businesses safety and legal obligations, Therefore, you pay Flipping Cars Ltd. If you were to pay the auction house directly, the invoice would still be in my business name, but the payment would not have come from my account. It means if we have any issues with the car we won't be able to claim against any assured report & I can't meet my anti-money laundering commitments. I buy cars every day. I'm a trust worthy business owner who has many testimonials. I am also a limited company that is VAT registered and have an FCA Consumer Finance license. You only pay my fee up front. When you pay me for the car, I revert the payment to the auction house instantly.  If you want a VAT receipt for business purposes or for export then I can provide this. If you wish to speak to a past customer please just ask. I'm happy to do that. If you ask me to pay the auction house direct I will decline your business. I turnover several million pounds a year. I'm not a small business working from home. I run a retail unit and have an office in Birmingham.
Q: How long have I got before I must pay you.
A: 24 hours. Please make sure you have funds available. Credit cards can't be used online so I recommend faster payments. I can extend this payment time to 3 days but please let me know in advance. Need finance? Let me know upfront as I can help.
Q: Can I see the auction invoice.
A: I ALWAYS send you a copy of the invoice.
Q: How do I instruct you to bid on a car for me?
A: I have an online agreement for you to fill in and sign. I sign it too. Just ask and I can send it to you. On signing, you pay my fee
Q: How much is your fee?

A: My fee is published here.

If you subscribe to my website, I'll credit that charge against any purchases you make 🙂 I recommend all people serious about buying a car through auction do subscribe as it gives you useful guide price information.

Q: Can I call you?
A: Yes, of course you can. Please email me using the form below first with some info on what you are looking for and I'll reply with a PDF of information for you along with my phone number. I don't publish it online. If I did I'd never get any work done 😉
Q: How much notice do I need to give you?
A: 48 hours notice is requested for me to guarantee that I can bid on your car. However, try me. I've often done this with an hours notice only! (I prefer a bit of notice)
Q: Can you put my car on finance for me?
A: Yes. You might have the cash in your bank for your purchase but why not keep it as cash, after all 'Cash is King'. I can put some or all (apart from a deposit) on Moto Novo Finance for you. It is subject to status and if we bid and you want it on finance we need to discuss this before hand please. Also, if you have bought the car already and want me to put it on finance for you ask me as I more than likely can, freeing up your capital once more.
Q: I'm a motor trader, can you source cars for me?
A: Yes. I do this for many motor traders already. Simply sign up to one of my packages and we can start. There is an initial set up charge of £99 that is applied to the first car purchase only on top of the monthly fee.

Ready? Lets Get Started...

First, Just Make Contact With Me. If We Don't Talk, I Can't Save you Money